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Our Staff

We contract only certified instructors, recognized as experts in their field. Our instructional staff combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art advancements in technology to create a classroom and field atmosphere that is comfortable yet challenging for the rookie as well as the seasoned veteran.

Sgt. Jonnie Aycock Texas Rangers

From 1965 until 1968, Aycock served in the United States Army serving multiple tours of duty in Vietnam. September 1, 1968, Aycock entered the Texas Department of Public Safety, and after completing basic training was commissioned as a Highway Patrolman. 1973 he was promoted to the Narcotics Section and in 1979 was promoted to a sergeant in the Narcotics Section. 1982 was appointed as a Texas Ranger and retired August 31, 2001. Educational degrees were obtained from Navarro College and Baylor University while a working member of the above sections of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

MR. Greg Cooper USDOT

Greg Cooper - U.S. Department of Transportation, Homeland Security Greg is currently employed by the Homeland Security Corporation providing consulting and training to Federal Airports. He is also providing consulting and training worldwide for IOIS.net. Greg recently retired as the Provo Police Chief and Civil Defense Director of Provo, Utah. Prior to this position, Cooper was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving in various investigative and supervisory positions in Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California; Critical Incident Response Group, FBI Academy, Quantico VA; and the Behavioral Science Unit, FBI Academy, Training Division, Quantico, VA. Before his experience with the FBI, he served as Chief of Police in Delta, Utah and a police officer in Provo, Utah. While assigned to the FBI Academy, he served in several positions withing the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, including the national manager of the Violent Crime Apprehension Program (VICAP); supervisor of the Investigative Support Unit and FBI Academy Instructor of Criminal Psychology, Criminal Investigative Analysis and Analytical Aspects of Criminal Behavior. Cooper co-authored the Crime Classification Manual, Lexington Press, 1992, a landmark book classifying homicide, arson and sexual assault. He has consulted internationally with law enforcement agencies on over 1,000 cases, including homicides, rapes, kidnaping, product tampering, extortion, political corruption, arson and bombing, workplace violence, stalking and false allegations. Specific services provided include expert testimony, information for probable cause on search warrants, investigative strategy, interview/ interrogation techniques, prosecutive strategy, threat assessments, communication content analysis, criminal investigative analysis (profiles of unknown offenders) and major case management. Cooper is an expert witness in crime scene analysis. He has provided expert testimony which behaviorally linked multiple homicides from separate jurisdictions contributing to the conviction of a serial killer. This case is highlighted in the New York Times best seller, Mind Hunter, Douglas, Olshaker, Simon & Schuster, 1995. Cooper also instructs at the Utah Police Academy, Utah Valley State College and is an adjunct faculty member at the Salt Lake Community College (1997) and the University of Virginia (1995). He is an international speaker and consultant in crime analysis, crisis management, management science and negligent security matters. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force, board member Utah Council on Victims and board member for the Massachusetts State Police Behavioral Science Unit. Additionally, he is an active member of several professional associations including the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Utah Police Chiefs Association, and Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Cooper has provided international training, consultation and research for law enforcement, public safety and private industry, including the Discovery Channel. Clients have included law firms, national and foreign government entities, colleges and universities and corporations of all sizes, such as Fortune 500 companies.

Sgt. Damon Fay Albuquerque

Damon Fay is a 24 year veteran investigator and supervisor for the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. He was a primary case agent for homicides, police officer involved shootings and major violent crimes cases for 14 of his career years. As a supervisor he led an officer involved shooting team and assisted in numerous major crime joint jurisdictional investigations and task force initiatives. Damon is a recognized expert in homicide investigations, police use of force and pattern injury identification. During his extensive investigative career he has developed nationally accepted procedures for cold case homicide investigation and has become one of the leading circumstantial case specialists in the country. He has been called upon numerous times in his career to provide expertise in complex, high profile and highly sensitive investigations by local, state and federal prosecutors and Police Command Staffs. As a Sergeant of the Advanced Training Unit of the Albuquerque Police Academy, Damon and his staff oversaw the specialization training and career advancement of police personnel. He is an instructor in Firearms, Defensive Tactics and ground fighting, Use of force and intermediate Use of force, Homicide and cold Case Investigation, Major Case Management, Interview and interrogations and Contact Weapons Defense. Sgt Fay holds a 3rd degree (3rd Don) black belt in Tae Kwon Do through the United States TKD Federation and the International TKD Federation, and he is a Kali/Eskrima student. He lectures and teaches through out the United States and is the co-author of Contact Weapons: Lethality and Defense published by Gun Site Press.

Mr. Randall Fitzwater Forensic Training Services

FBI, Bio pending

Multiple Course Instructors Forensic Training Services, Inc.

Multiple instructors will be used to cover all topics. All instructors have at least 10 to 20 years in their respected fields and some are Nationally known Authors, Trainers and Investigators.

Dir. Mike King Homeland Security/Utah Department of Public Safety

Mike King - Homeland Security/Utah Department of Public Safety Mike King is an Intelligence Supervisor for the Utah Criminal Intelligence Center and oversees intelligence for 9 counties. Prior to working for DPS, Mike was the Director of the Utah criminal Tracking and Analysis Project and retired as a Lieutenant from the Utah Attorney General's Office. Mike began his career in 1979 with the Pleasant View Police Department and several months later with the Ogden City Police Department where he served in Patrol, Motors and the Tactical Squad/SWAT Team. In 1987, he joined the Weber County Attorney's Office as an Investigator and Chief of Staff. While there, he served as the lead investigator in the Zion Society organization, (a group of 150 individuals practicing bizarre religious doctrine and sexually abusing children). As a result of that investigation, 12 defendants were charged with major felony crimes. All the defendants were convicted in what is now considered one of the largest, most successfully prosecuted cases of organized cultic abuse in U.S. history. In 1992, King joined the Utah Attorney General's Office, and was assigned to conduct a statewide study on Ritual Crime for the Utah State Legislature. While there, he investigated hundreds of bizarre ritual or cult behavior crimes and worked with local, state and federal law enforcement in determining future protocols for the handling of ritualistic crimes. He is the former Chief of Staff to Jan Graham who served as Utah Attorney General from 1993-2001. He served in the Investigations Division and as the co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee for Utah Law Enforcement. He also served a 3 year assignment to the FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) National Advisory Board as the co-chair. He teaches Criminal Investigative Analysis for the Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training academy and as an adjunct professor in Criminal Justice at Weber State University and the Salt Lake Community College. King is the recipient of the 2002 NAPO (National Association of Police Organizations) "Top Cop" award and the 1989 National Police Officer of the Year award and various other awards for his action related to cult investigations, organized criminal activity and community resourcing. Mike has a Master of Criminal Justice degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Communications. Mike is the co-author of "Who Killed King Tut", Prometheus Press, 2004, "Analyzing Criminal Behavior I and II", IQ Press, 2002-3, "Victimology, Predators Part I", IQ Press, 2002, "Ritual Crime in Utah", State of Utah, 1993 and "Basic Patrol Concepts", self published, 1984 and law enforcement articles in many publications including the FBI Bulletin. He is a featured speaker and trainer nationally and has consulted in major criminal cases worldwide, including consultation for APBNews.com, MSNBC, Court TV, FOX National News "On the Record" with Gretta Van Susteren, Canadian Global Television, the Michael Reagan Show and most recently for his co-lead role for the Discovery Channel in the "Assassination of King Tut" airing worldwide in 144 countries and 33 languages.

Officer Rex T.  Plant (Former) Metropolitan Police Department, Washington D.C.

REX PLANT: Senior Evidence Technician Forensic Training Services 28 + years of combined LE experience. Rex Plant is the past Mobile Crime Laboratory Training Coordinator for the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC. Rex was a sworn Senior Officer/Evidence Technician with an extensive background in evidence recovery and crime scene examinations. Over the past twelve years Rex has specialized in homicide scenes in a city that ranks one of the highest murder rates in the nation. His hands on knowledge of death and murder scenes affords him the ability to present one of the finest crime scene reconstruction and evidence recovery classes in the field. Rex has conducted training seminars for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, The United States Secret Service, the United States Attorneys Office, Washington, DC along with numerous state and local law enforcement agency�s. He has been qualified on numerous occasions as an expert witness in the field of crime scene reconstruction, examination and physical evidence recovery. He has authored training materials on crime scene procedures and techniques of evidence identification, recovery and interpretation. He is a former faculty member of the Prince George�s Community College Forensic Science Division and a member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts. Officer Plant holds certification in Forensic training as well as instructor development and course design.

Agent (Detective grade Sgt.) Ret David L. Ritter Williamsport Bureau of Police, Pennsylvania

19 years experience, Agent Ritter currently works Major Crime Scene Investigations for his department. Agent Ritter is also A graduate of the FBI National Academy 200th session and holds a BA in Criminal Justice.

Sergeant (Ret.) David W. Sargent Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC

Metropolitan Police Department Washington, D.C. Date of Appointment: 04-29-73 Graduated from MPDC Police Academy 12-21-1973 Assigned to the MPDC Seventh District Station 12-23-1973 During seven years in the Seventh District, assignments included: Scout Car patrol assignments Patrol Wagon assignments Plain Clothes tactical assignments (stake outs and undercover assignments) Station Clerk assignments Acting Sergeant assignments Promoted to the rank of Sergeant 11-30-1980 Assigned to the Fifth District Station 11-30-1980 During five years in the Fifth District, assignments included: Supervised Patrol Officers assigned to foot beats, motorcycle beats, and patrol wagons. Supervised plain clothes tactical unit Supervised uniformed special event units, (Redskins football games, parades, large crowd entertainment events) Supervised Fifth District K-9 unit Supervised Fifth District Warrant Squad Transferred to the Identifications and Record Division, Crime Scene Examination Section 06-16-1980, as Supervisor of the Mobile Crime Lab. Served as ID & Records Watch Commander on evening and midnight tours of duty, responsible for the supervision and overall operation of the Departments Central Cell Block, Central Records Section, Latent Fingerprints Section, AFIS Identification Section, Firearms and Tool-Mark Section. Graduated from the Departments Crime Scene Investigation School 10-26-1985. Processed over 850 homicide scenes as lead or assisting evidence technician. Processed over 600 sexual assault crime scenes as lead or assisting evidence technician. Processed over 250 bank robbery scenes as lead or assisting evidence technician. Processed numerous death scenes involving overdoses, suicides, accidental deaths, industrial accidents and traffic accidents. Processed the scene of a small airplane collision into the White House causing the death of the pilot. Testified in trials involving cases of homicide, assault withy intent to kill and sexual assaults over six hundred times. Has testified as a crime scene expert in D.C. Superior Court three times. Has testified in civil trials and depositions numerous times. Retired from the Metropolitan Police Department on June 26, 2004.

Major (Ret.) Nicholas G. Valltos Prince George's County Police

Nicholas G. Valltos retired as a Major from the Prince Georges County Police Department, Prince Georges County, Maryland after thirty-three years of service. During his career, he commanded the Criminal Investigative Division as well as two District Patrol Stations. Nick has performed at every level of the police function and has developed, instituted and supervised police procedures for the day to day responsibilities of patrol and advanced specialized operational functions demanding planning, logistics and coordination with multi local, state and Federal agencies. Nick has a B S degree in Organizational Management from Columbia Union College and an MS degree in Management from the Johns Hopkins Police Executive Leadership Program. Nicks training style has been developed over years of working with and interacting with police officers and law enforcement personnel at every level. One recent deputy police chief that attended a training seminar said of Nick: He didnt teach from a book or another person's theories, he taught real life issues with real life answers from real life experience!

Detective (Retired) William E. Wagner Metropolitan Police Department (Washington DC)

Bill Wagner was a member of the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC and has 31 years of experience as a Criminal Investigator and Investigative Supervisor. He has had extensive involvement in all areas of Criminal Investigations with a specialty in Violent Crimes. He is a nationally recognized trainer in Criminal Investigations, Case Management and Defense Proofing Techniques for Trial Presentation. Detective Wagner has been qualified as an expert on Criminal Investigations Procedures in both Federal and Local courts through his lengthy career. From 1991 to 2001, in addition to his investigative responsibilities, he has been a faculty member and on the board of advisors for the Criminal Justice Division at the Prince Georges Community College, Largo Maryland. Det. Wagner developed and assisted in the implementation of the College A.A. degree program for Forensic Science. He is the Past Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations Training at the Prince Georges Municipal Police Academy and has provided seminars nationally at both the local and federal level. Bills instructional style is unmatched in todays law enforcement training environment and has been developed through years of interaction with the working police officer. His understanding of violent offenders, pattern offenses and criminal behavior have been time proven investigative directives that have lead police departments and federal agencies to enhance their investigative ability, increase arrest and case clearance rates and show a direct rise in their conviction rates. Bill currently holds certification in both law enforcement training and instructor development.

Mr. John Wiggins North Carolina Justice Academy

Instructor: John J. Wiggins John began his law enforcement career in 1983 as a Security Policeman in the United States Air Force. John served for five years as a patrol officer then a shift supervisor. John separated from the Air Force in 1988. He then joined the Goldsboro Police Department in Goldsboro NC, were he served as a Patrol Officer. While on Patrol he held the additional duty positions as the Shift Identification Officer and Field Training Officer. John then worked as a Crime Scene/Evidence Technician. He was responsible for processing all major crime scenes and managing the evidence and property room. His next assignment was with the Selective Enforcement Unit. SEU was responsible for serving high risk search/arrest warrants, street level narcotics interdiction and stakeout duties. John was then promoted to Corporal and returned to patrol as a shift supervisor. Next, he was promoted to investigator and specialized in crimes against the person. John was eventually promoted to Sergeant of Investigations which also included the responsibility for conducting Internal Affairs Investigations. John joined the NC Justice Academy (NCJA) training staff in October 1998. His primary areas of instruction are death investigation, suicide investigation and fundamentals of the investigative process. John is responsible for coordinating all the death related courses for the NCJA. In addition to his primary courses he assists with the Crime Scene Processing and Bloodspatter Interpretation courses. John provides technical assistance in the area of homicide, suicide, sexual assaults and case reviews upon request. In addition to his Academy duties, John serves as a reserve Officer with the Indian Beach Police Department. John obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Mount Olive College; He has completed the NC Justice Academys Criminal Investigators Certificate Program and obtained the Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards Division.