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FTSI and PTSI offer more than 75 courses at this time. Please check this site frequently for updates or sign up for our email newsletter to automatically be notified when we add courses that may be of interest to you.

Click on any course listed below for a complete course description.

FT01003 Crime Scene Management for Fire and EMS personnel 8 Schedule
FT02002 Anger Management 8 Schedule
FT02005 Community Policing 16 Schedule
FT02007 Critical Incident Management 16 Schedule
FT02014 Threat Assessment for Patrol Officers 16 Schedule
FT02015 Use of Force Procedures and Documentation 16 Schedule
FT02016 Use of informants 16 Schedule
FT02019 Use of Force, Liability and Risk Management 16 Schedule
FT05001 Field Training Officer Certification 40 Schedule
FT05002 First Line Supervisor/ Management Development 16 Schedule
FT05003 Improving Communication Skills 16 Schedule
FT05004 Scenario Based Leadership, Supervision and Management 16 Schedule
FT05005 Command Staff Development 16 Schedule
FT05006 Police Media Relations Seminar 16 Schedule
FT05007 Stress Management 16 Schedule
FT05009 Sexual Harassment in Law Enforcement 16 Schedule
FT05011 Critical Incident Management 16 Schedule
FT05012 Emergency Response to Critical Incidents 24 Schedule
FT05013 Law Enforcement Liability and Risk Management 16 Schedule
FT05015 Civilian Managers: First Line Supervision 16 Schedule
FT05016 Damage Control for Public Safety/ Police 16 Schedule
FT05017 Police Instructor Course 40 Schedule
FT05018 Courtroom Demeanor, Skills and Testimony 16 Schedule
FT06001 Surveillance Techniques 16 Schedule
FT06002 Intelligence Gathering and Protection Methods 16 Schedule
FT07001 Narcotic Field Test Certification 8 Schedule
FT07002 Undercover Drug/ Narcotic Investigations 24 Schedule
FT07003 Drug Investigations for Patrol 16 Schedule
FT07004 Narcotic Supervisor Training 16 Schedule
FT07005 Super-Glue Fuming Techniques 16 Schedule
FT10001 First Responders to Sexual Offenses 8 Schedule
FT10002 Sexual Assault Investigation 24 Schedule
FT10003 Advanced Sexual Assault 24 Schedule
FT10007 Deviant Sexual Behavior 24 Schedule
FT10009 Sexual Assault Investigations and Rape Typologies 16 Schedule
FT11001 Terrorist Threat Assessment for Law Enforcement 16 Schedule
FT11003 Explosive, Suspicious Package Recognition including Biological Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction. 8 Schedule
FT13001 Dynamics of Domestic Violence 16 Schedule
FT13002 Domestic Violence Homicide 16 Schedule
FT13003 Domestic Violence in Law Enforcement / Homicides Strategies for Response, Intervention and Investigation of Domestic Violence, Stalking and Murder involving police as offenders and survivors. 16 Schedule
FT15001 Understaning and Investigating Cults 16 Schedule
FT15002 Outlaw Biker Gangs 16 Schedule
FT15003 Gang Investigations 16 Schedule
FT16001 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Law Enforcement 8 Schedule
FT17001 Basic Arson Investigation 40 Schedule
FT17002 Advanced Arson Investigation 40 Schedule
FT17003 Basic CPR 16 Schedule
FT17004 Extrication of Burned Bodies 16 Schedule
FT17005 Crime Scene Management for First Responders, to include EMS and Dispatchers 8 Schedule
FT19001 Bomb and Suspicious Package recognition 8 Schedule
FT19002 Airport Security Administration 40 Schedule
FT19003 Terrorist Prevention 40 Schedule
FT20001 Economic Crimes 16 Schedule
FT20002 Check and Fraud Investigations 16 Schedule
FT20003 Identity Theft / Fraud 16 Schedule
FT21001 Tactical Dispatching 16 Schedule
Active Shooter
FT24001 Active Shooter at School/ Workplace 8 Schedule
Biometrics/ Military Training
FT23001 Battlefield Forensics 40 Schedule
Crime Scene
FT03001 Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03002 Basic Crime Scene Investigation Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03003 Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03004 Basic Crime Scene Photography 16 Schedule
FT03005 Advanced Crime Scene Photography including Digital imaging. 16 Schedule
FT03006 Crime Scene Management for Law enforcement employees, to include Dispatchers 8 Schedule
FT03007 Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation 8 Schedule
FT03008 Recovering Latent fingerprints from human skin 8 Schedule
FT03009 Introduction to Blood Stain Evidence and Crime Scene Reconstruction 16 Schedule
FT03010 Detecting Blood at Crime Scenes 8 Schedule
FT03011 Alternate Light Source Techniques 8 Schedule
FT03012 Forensic Digital Photography Workshop 16 Schedule
FT03013 Buried Bodies and Skeletal Remains 16 Schedule
FT03014 Level 2 Advance Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03015 Shooting Reconstructing and Ballistics 8 Schedule
FT03016 Basic Latent Fingerprint Examination Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03017 Forensic Digital Photography/ ALS Workshop 24 Schedule
FT03018 Intermediate Latent Fingerprint Examination Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03019 Advanced Latent Fingerprint Examination Workshop 40 Schedule
FT03020 Forensic Digital Photography / Latent Prints on Human Skin Workshop 24 Schedule
FT03021 Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Academy 120 Schedule
FT03022 Fingerprint Development Techniques 24 Schedule
FT03024 Intermediate Fingerprint Techniques 16 Schedule
FT03025 Post Blast (Explosive) Crime Scene Investigation Workshop 16 Schedule
FT03027 Advanced Digital Photography/ Low Light Workshop 16 Schedule
FT03028 Latent Fingerprint Examiner Academy 120 Schedule
FT08002 Property and Evidence Room Management 16 Schedule
FT04002 Basic Investigator/ New Detective 16 hr 16 Schedule
FT04003 Advanced Criminal Investigations 40 Schedule
FT04004 Interview and Interrogation Workshop 24 Schedule
FT04005 Advance Interview and Interrogation Techniques 24 Schedule
FT04006 Robbery Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04008 Burglary / Robbery Investigations 24 Schedule
FT04012 Criminal Case Management 24 Schedule
FT04013 Homicide, Death, Cold Case Investigation 40 Schedule
FT04014 Unsolved Death and Cold Case Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04015 Supervisory and Internal Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04016 Conducting Internal Affairs Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04017 Supervising Internal Affairs Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04022 Multiple Victim Death Scene Investigation 16 Schedule
FT04025 Death Investigation 40 Schedule
FT04026 Suicide Investigation 16 Schedule
FT04028 Basic Criminal Investigations 40 Schedule
FT04031 Death Scene Analysis and Cold Case Investigations 40 Schedule
FT04033 Advanced Burglary/ Robbery Investigations 0 Schedule
FT04034 Conducting Law Enforcement Hiring and Background Investigations 16 Schedule
FT04035 Officer Involved Shooting and In-Custody Death 16 Schedule
FT04036 Basic Investigator/ New Detective 40 hr 40 Schedule
Patrol Investigation's
FT18001 Crime Scene Processing for Patrol Officers 16 Schedule
FT18002 Patrol Investigations Workshop 24 Schedule
FT18003 Crime Scene Management for Patrol Officers 8 Schedule
FT18004 Digital Photography for Patrol Officers 16 Schedule
FT09002 School Tactics-Active Shooter Response 16 Schedule
FT09005 School Violence/ Active Assailant 16 Schedule