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What is FTSI / PTSI?

Forensic Training Services and Police Training Services is a group of law enforcement professionals who collectively provide continuing education for other professionals employed in the fields of law enforcement, fire safety and executive protection.Our extensive list of course offerings is well known throughout the U.S. as the country's most comprehensive. 

Why Choose FTSI / PTSI?

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Individuals or Entire Departments. 
Whether you are an individual in search of opportunities to advance your career or if your organization or department  has a number of officers who could benefit from additional training, FTSI or PTSI is the answer. We offers courses throughout the country and most are open to individual enrollment. For individual enrollment see either our course descriptions or schedule of classes.

The Best Instructors.
FTSI and PTSI contract only certified instructors, recognized as experts in their field. Our instructional staff combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art advancements in technology to create a classroom and field atmosphere that is comfortable yet challenging for the rookie as well as the seasoned veteran.

Classes Customized To Your Needs .
We can customize any course or series of courses to the needs of the course host. FTSI and PTSI will work with your group to  tailor our presentations to provide your group with the most comprehensive training in the areas specific to your needs.

The Best Value.
We provide more gratis class seats for hosting organizations than any professional instruction group in the law enforcement or fire safety profession, guaranteed! Best of all, our minimum class requirements make it easy for your group to host courses and get free training for members of your staff.

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